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Do you cover Import Taxes & Duties?

Infraredi covers all import taxes & duties for the following countries:

United States
United Kingdom
New Zealand

For those customers in these countries, the fee will typically be sent directly to the customer to pay, however, Infraredi will provide a full refund of this fee once the customer sends us the receipt. Unfortunately Infraredi are unable to make this payment for the customer as customs require the customers mobile number to verify the order. This is why the customer is asked to make payment and Infraredi will then refund this amount in full as soon as we have the receipt.

If you're located outside of the countries listed above, unfortunately Infraredi are unable to cover the cost of import fee's imposed by your country. This is due to the high percent of import fee's charged by certain countries. We will still provide free express shipping to your country, but will not be liable to cover the cost of import fees.

Please note: If the customer doesn't make payment of the import tax within the first 10 days, customs may return the device to the original shipping destination. If this occurs, the customer will be responsible to pay for the return shipping costs.

Updated on: 15/07/2022

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