The total amount of energy delivered per area during a light therapy treatment is measured in Joules/cm2. This is calculated by multiplying the irradiance by the treatment time in seconds, divided by 1000.

The Irradiance of all Infraredi devices is 100 mW/cm2.

For example, the irradiance of our device is 100 mW/cm2, and the treatment time is 10 minutes, the calculation is as follows:

100 mW/cm2 x 600 seconds / 1000 mW/watt = 60 joules/cm2

This is with the irradiance level of 100mW/cm2 and a distance of 6 inches or 15 centimetres from the device.

So the total energy output in a 10 minute session is 60,000 joules.
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